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Coaching v’s Mentoring.


The common misconception of what coaching is, is in many regards completely understandable.

You see we are so used to seeing coaches in a sporting context telling their teams, players and athletes what to do, they are in effect coaching them to be better, faster, stronger, more precise – the list goes on. And so, it makes sense that the general public would assume that coaching equals telling someone what to do.

But when coaching clients in their personal and/or professional lives coaching is vastly different, and for good reason!

After all, who am I to tell you what to do?  You know you better than I ever will. As a result, personal coaching can bring out of you what you already know and help you to fill in any gaps where you don’t know.


→   Is all about being asked open questions.

→   Is 100% about the client.

→   No advice or opinions.

→   The client has all the answers within and if they don’t know something, the coach will ask them who they can get the answer from.

→   The client is the expert, the coach just asks questions that no-one has probably ever asked the client before.

→   The client takes full responsibility for the outcomes of the session and agrees to take away actions.

→   The client will report back their success and actions at the next session.



→   Can ask leading questions.

→   Is 50% about the client.

→   The client can be given advice and guidance.

→   The client doesn’t know so needs the mentor to tell them to fill in the gaps

→   The mentor is the expert, the mentee is there to learn

→   The mentee may or may not take action after a mentoring session, though it is advisable

→   The mentee may or may not have actions to report back

Bespoke 121 Sessions

I offer flexible appointments to suit each individual, whether that’s over zoom, a walk and talk session or a combination of both the decision is entirely yours.  


Empowering you to put pain in its place. 

Is your pain stopping you from doing the things you love doing?

Does your pain have a negative impact on your relationships?

Do you dream of the day when your pain feels more under control?

Does your pain sap
your energy?

Do you ever wish you had someone else’s body?

Does your pain keep you up
at night?

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Coaching v’s Mentoring
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